Twins Start Final Series of 2020 Season

Texarkana, TX (July 31, 2020)- The Twins played the first game of their final series in the 2020 season tonight against the Cane Cutters. The players and coaches were optimistic about tonight’s game, but the Cutters ultimately took the win, shutting out the Twins in decisive fashion.


Tonight’s game started out well for the Cutters, where they scored two runs in the top of the 1st inning and one more in the third. The Twins, on the other hand, got close to scoring runs early, but just as it has been the whole second half of the season, they could not capitalize with runners in scoring position. The Cutters were controlled until the 5th inning due to Joel Barker. Barker threw two scoreless innings in the third and 4th, retiring 5 straight and only allowing one hit. However, the Cutters opened fire on the Twins throughout the rest of the game, scoring 15 runs in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings. The Twins would show a litle bit of life in the 9th inning, loading the bases up with two outs and starting a two out rally, but it would fall short, resulting in an 18-0 shutout.


Joel Barker started tonight’s game, throwing in 4.2 innings. Brandon Butler came in to relieve Barker, and threw for an inning. Joshua Longstreth followed Butler, and also threw for an inning. Caleb Moseley came in to finish tonight’s game, throwing for 1.1 innings and fanning one. Jose Vargas ended tonight 1-3 with a single, and Kade Turnage ended 1-4 with a single. Gabriel Irwin ended the night 2-4 with a pair of singles.


The Twins next game is Saturday, August 1st against the Acadiana Cane Cutters.This is slated to be the most exciting TCL season ever, with five minor league organizations being added to the league. 


Summers Just Got Fun in Texarkana - for information on Texarkana's very own Minor League Baseball Experience for the 2020 season, go to www.texarkanatwins.com or call (903) 294-PLAY. To watch the livestream of Twins games, go to texascollegiateleague.com. Follow the Twins on social media: facebook.com/TexarkanaTwins | Twitter: @TexarkanaTwins | Instagram: texarkanatwins.


-Written by Lincoln Revill, Director of Media


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